vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Improvements at the HQ clubhouse

We more or less finished the new wall, got some new lockers for our members, and mounted a wide door.  Now the side window remains to be closed, we're looking at that.  The thermal insulation has already improved with the new wall, the total effect will of course be a lot more impressive.

maandag 13 februari 2012

New Roleplay table

I'm too poor to be able to buy a new Sultan RPG table, but here is my next best thing: a multiplex / MDF construction with desk docks for 6 players and a large docks for the GM.  The top table panel measures 120 x 100 and flips open, and every player has a 30 cm deep writing area.

I'm gonna call it the 'bombardeer' :)

The GM also has a IKEA Alex 6 drawer cabinet, in which all the miniatures are stored.  Now all that reamins looking into is a right sized scenery cabinet opposite the Alex cabinet.

Impression of the table with 6 seated