vrijdag 31 december 2010

An eventful day

Another eventful day at the Karanen household: during a trip to Apple Lane our party gets ambushed by a Dragonsnail at Creek Bridge.  Indra Karanendottir is attacked, and if not for her excellent  bronze helmet her head would have been chewed off by the vicious monster.
After rumours reach Swantown that the Lunar troops got a severe beating in Esrolia, more and more hamlets report gangs of Lunar soldiers in disarray walking back towards Tarsh, and robbing more than what they need to survive on the way back.  Our friends are confronted with this when a small gang of soldiers tries to ambush them.  They turn out to be no match for the household princess and her two cottars.

maandag 27 december 2010

A weird occurence

Sneeuw in het aardseizoen?  Dan is er iets grondig mis!  Karanen cottars Kemal en Drayin en Vrouwe Indra Karanendottir trekken op onderzoek uit en slagen erin de zaak op te lossen.
Snow during Earth Season?  That means something is rotten!   Karanen cottars Kemal and Drayin and Lady Indra Karanendottir investigate the matter and run into all kinds of trouble before setting things to right.
Aanval van de skeletten: met deze hinderlaag wordt snel afgerekend.
Attack of the skeletons: an ambush our heroes quickly deal with.
Sfeerbeeldjes van de feestelijkheden
Some event images…
Het kamp en altaar van de boosaardige Broo is gevonden, maar ze geven zich niet licht gewonnen, en beschikken over machtige chaotische eigenschappen en drijven de karakters in het nauw.
The evil Broo Lair and Death Altar are found, but the enemies will not surrender.  They have powerful chaotic abilities at their disposal, and the party takes a punishment.
Een beetje geluk op een kritiek ogenblik: een pijl boort zich recht tussen de ogen van de Broo Shaman.  Enige uitbundigheid is het gevolg.
A bit of luck, a critical hit: an arrow right between the Broo Shaman’s eyes.  And there was much rejoicing.

zondag 12 december 2010

Nikfest 2010 Dunster UK

Here's a first impression of the Nikfest weekend!  It was great fun and I've been able to play 5 games in a row!  Plus I got to see some really cool tables, with excellent terrain and very well painted miniatures.  There were several traders as well: angel barracks and a few guys offering 1/600 stuff that came all the way from Birmingham., very interesting stuff.  From the top of my head, I see Matakishi Paul, Steve, Craig, Roger, Dan, Dave, Paul, WI Paul and quite a few other people aren't on my pictures: Richard, Chris, and a few others still.

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Shock Troopers vs Spugs

Enkele sfeerbeelden van de Shock Troopers die vergeefs proberen om het nest van de Spugs binnen te dringen.
Some images of a little desert battle where our brave Shock Troopers try to enter the lair of the spugs, without much success.