dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Sculpting a Krarshtkid

Lets check what the Glorantha Index tells us:

Spawn of Krarsht, the Devouring Mother.

Roughly circular in body, with six asymmetrically arranged legs around a three-jawed maw. Spit a sticky stuff called Pratzim, and secrete acid.

Chaotic and irregular, that is music to the ears of a low talent sculpter like yours truly, plus I just might need a few krarshtkids for an upcoming adventure, so I went ahead and mixed up a gob of pratzim, magic sculp and skewered some wire into a cork, and voila!

maandag 13 augustus 2012

New chaos Creatures announced on Mad Knight!

While checking out the Madknight site this morning I noticed how a new chapter called Scorpion Men had appeared in the shop, and several new products are visible, including a Queen Bagogix, Old Thumper, Tentaclus and Quackchitter. These new wonders are supposed to become available by the beginning of September, Andrew posted on fb that the shop will be closed until then. Looking forward to these new goodies a lot!

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

More Hirst goodness

After glueing up a cartload of cavern floor tiles and water and rock caves, I made some bits and pieces from another mould into an attempt at a modular inside terrain system. Early days, it's a modest start, but the idea seems easier to implement in Hirst than it was with scratchbuilt, mainly because of the Hirst dimensions and consistency.

The idea is to have 3 or 4 sizes of room flooring, and as many wall types, first in the combination visible here, but this can easily be expanded afterwards. I'm hoping to basecoat it all up tomorrow evening.

maandag 6 augustus 2012

Pavis building test & more

The house of Ofnow Konsekwenz in Pavis
Here is how the first building turned out.  Not too shabby, but there are some things I'll be taking along for the next version: I want a roof terrace, so the outer wall must be higher, I need a height difference of 15 mm, minus 3 from the foamboard leaves 12, that's a nice balustrade.  Then I can make a hole in the roof and mount a little hirst trapdoor in.  Simple and good looking.
The door was made from a sheet of balsa, engraved with a byro and an exacto knife.  The windows are mosquito net, brushed brown and glued between the two walls.  Bottom plate in foamboard, white glue, fish tank sand.
This nice wyrm was painted, start to finish, in under one hour.  The basecoat, subsequent base red and a nice white brush started of the figure really well, after that it was just a bit of detaling and a pinch of flock.  Very happy with it, and I just know that if I keep going at it, it might get better, but not a lot.

Rearranged hirst block storage

After some testing by fellow clubmember Ben we purchased a heap of these small three drawers units for storing our cast hirstblocks before assembly. The shop only had these left, in all kinds of frivolous colours, so we now have a mix. I think 9 more will complete the rack and offer us a lot of separated storage. Following an idea of other clubmember Peter I am now manufacturing drying racks, with a simple wooden frame and birdcage fence, to solve the problem of cardboard boxes saturating with the water from the drying blocks. All around air, that should allow for optimal drying, short of installing an hot air oven, of course.

zondag 5 augustus 2012

Pavis style buildings

As the start of our Pavis campaign approaches, things start getting hectic. I made an inventory of my Glorantha Miniatures Pipeline. About 100 unprepped/semiprepped miniatures, 100 more prepped and based miniatures, and about 150 in various stages of progress. About 20 are more or less finished, but need that last bit of TLC, mostly a coat of dull varnish.

Another important part is terrain. We have been diligently casting hirst, and I hope to finish quite a bit of caves and caverns by next weekend, but we also need Pavis style buildings, including the test building on the picture here, but also temples, clan houses, all in a style somewhere in the middle of ancient greece, egypt, and Conan's Cimmeria.

A third project that is underway, is our Pavis campaign wiki, introducing Pavis, Prax, the protagonists, player characters, and a lot more. For copyright reasons, we decided to keep this wiki private, so we can share maps and snippets of pdf between players, but once the PC descriptions are finished, I'll post these on the hiording blog and tdm.

donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Another hirst casting session

The result of 3 people casting hirst for an entire day (4 runs) is about 60 casts, working from 9 h30 until 15h30, not including cleanup. It's a lot of effort, but the yield is considerable, I have cast the caves 3 more times, and we did a lot of roman and egyptian stuff for Pavis style halls.