donderdag 8 mei 2014

Zombie! Survivor Sheet Update

Still a design made in Google Drawing:  version 5 of the Zombie! survivor sheet has been updated with 4 new attributes, as well as some more flavour: callsign, battle cry and last words have been added to the ID frame.  Meanwhile version 0.5 (34 pages) of the manual is finished, the last session yielded a lot of feedback.  I also updated the styles of the document for more clarity, and generated a table of contents.  Next up: mental issues, firearm specials, and starting on the definition of index items.

zondag 6 april 2014

Supply run in zombie town

Zombies pouring out of every house around the square

The party found a nice location for their hideout, and after some negotiation with Geoffrey Duke, a short sighted lawyer hiding in the walled mansion, they managed to squeeze their way in. When attempting to gather some supplies to fortify their new lair, things went south, and the party had to run for their lives.


vrijdag 4 april 2014

Zombie town!

I tested the terrain set-up for tomorrows playtest of the BRP based Zombie! Rpg rules. We're going for the 10 mm approach, meaning my WW2 terrain gets a bit more use. Just have to painting up finish 70 zombies and survivors, but that's not gonna be too hard, these Pendraken mini's paint up easily. Houses from Fieldwork, trees and hedges from various N scale train supply brands. I've got a few cars as well, for added atmosphere.


vrijdag 21 maart 2014

A bit of fluff for our 10 mm zombie game

We have started playtesting a content pack for RQ that I'm writing, called zombie. The initial playtest went well, lots of remarks but the fun and gameplay was definitely there to begin with. My order of zombies and civilians from Pendraken is in the mail, and today I bought a lot of cool cars for our games, in N scale, approximately 1:160, because you can't have zombies without crashed cars :)

A beetle and even the iconic VW van!

In order to make the crashed versions, I'm thinking about making a little mould, casting them and then "destroying" them before they're dried completely. That should yield some interesting shapes :)


Barwench painted

Another one ready for flocking and varnish.


zondag 16 februari 2014

Meeting with Ilduvu of the Seven Mothers

Our party ran into Ilduvu for a decent showdown, undecided in the end. After the confrontation our heroes traveled to Corflu, only to find out Ilduvu arrived later the same day to prepare for a support mission on the Zola Fel.