zondag 31 juli 2011

RuneQuest Session

The end of demo #3.  Where our not so hirsute adventurers manage to run over one of their own with a four-wheeled cart, where clumsy adventurers break their teeth trying to get out of a chariot, and where adversaries are grilled 'a point'.
Odd, Blanka, Gunnar, Ulic, Hjorda and Aelwin in traffic.

The duck caves entrance BBQ
The mystic powers of Ulic the not quite so arcane have foiled the evil but cunning plan of the Ducks, and all hell breaks loose.  The party quickly dispatches the clumsy ducks, and their self confidence has gotten a significant boost, setting them up rightly for the next scenario where they will confront Urgh the Impregnator, the chaotic overlord of Broos and evilness.  Pucker up, boys and girls!

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Club Night

 A game of Crokinole to loosen up the fingers.
Showing off some new Malifaux characters.
 A game of Merchants and Marauders.  These guys have been at it most of the evening.
 A game of Warhammer 40K
 A game of Warhammer 40K ish, or something similar, I can't quite recognise it from the photos
Dungeons and Dragons the boardgame.

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

RuneQuest Scenario in Nymie Valley

It has been some time since we had a nice RQ scenario at home, and the kids had been asking to have a RPG day as well, so today our three adventurers left their Tula and traveled to Old Man Village to pick up a set of lamellar armor.  On the way there they had an encounter with some undead, apart from that the trip was quite uneventful.
After picking up the armor they decided to leave Indra behind and travel to Boldhome.  First they intended to travel via the Royal Road, but a duck in Quackford convinced them that going by boat was a better way.
Here are the adventurers, together with a bunch of ducks, heading east towards quivini mountains.

maandag 18 juli 2011

RQ II character sheet version 4

And here it is: Version 4

There were still a few minor improvements I found I could make during the last sessions, nothing big, but still it's nice to have a total ENC field and a allowed ENC field, I think, for those obsessive hoarding characters.

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Runequest Scenario in Nymie Valley

 A number of new and existing players went along for an introduction scenario of Runequest.  Our heroes manage to kill and enslave a bunch of trolls, and save a Lunar Tax collector, so it was not their finest moment, but there was a lot of laughing and sexual innuendos so everyone was happy!  The story will be appearing on the campaign blog shortly - that is once I get my ipad to do what I want.

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

A game of Malifaux

My opponent Jens (r) and myself playing Malifaux
Last Friday I had a introductory game of Malifaux at our game club.  With the help of experienced players we had a little battle, me getting a recon task and Jens had to pick up an object.  First thing I did was surround said object with all my troops, and when Jens split up his troops, a few lucky rolls made sure the game went my way.  Good fun, I'm definitely getting a 'team' once I can decide what to get.  Only trouble will be painting them up, considering I still have about one thousand other minis to paint by next week.

zondag 10 juli 2011

RQ II character sheet version 3

After some more corrections and adaptations, here is our 4 page character sheet on dropbox.

The sheet is supposed to be printed on a A3 sheet, and folded in two, so you have a 4 page booklet.  The first page features character stats, name and background, and other global notes - you could look at it as talk mode.  When folder open you're in operation mode: all skills are there, combat skills, weapon data, spells, and so on.  The last page is the inventory page: room for 2 pets, backpack, armor, weaponry, all teh physical data go here.  Also features the money table.

With a nice hand drawn RuneQuest logo that looks a lot better than the rather mechanical font Mongoose use.