donderdag 8 mei 2014

Zombie! Survivor Sheet Update

Still a design made in Google Drawing:  version 5 of the Zombie! survivor sheet has been updated with 4 new attributes, as well as some more flavour: callsign, battle cry and last words have been added to the ID frame.  Meanwhile version 0.5 (34 pages) of the manual is finished, the last session yielded a lot of feedback.  I also updated the styles of the document for more clarity, and generated a table of contents.  Next up: mental issues, firearm specials, and starting on the definition of index items.

zondag 6 april 2014

Supply run in zombie town

Zombies pouring out of every house around the square

The party found a nice location for their hideout, and after some negotiation with Geoffrey Duke, a short sighted lawyer hiding in the walled mansion, they managed to squeeze their way in. When attempting to gather some supplies to fortify their new lair, things went south, and the party had to run for their lives.


vrijdag 4 april 2014

Zombie town!

I tested the terrain set-up for tomorrows playtest of the BRP based Zombie! Rpg rules. We're going for the 10 mm approach, meaning my WW2 terrain gets a bit more use. Just have to painting up finish 70 zombies and survivors, but that's not gonna be too hard, these Pendraken mini's paint up easily. Houses from Fieldwork, trees and hedges from various N scale train supply brands. I've got a few cars as well, for added atmosphere.


vrijdag 21 maart 2014

A bit of fluff for our 10 mm zombie game

We have started playtesting a content pack for RQ that I'm writing, called zombie. The initial playtest went well, lots of remarks but the fun and gameplay was definitely there to begin with. My order of zombies and civilians from Pendraken is in the mail, and today I bought a lot of cool cars for our games, in N scale, approximately 1:160, because you can't have zombies without crashed cars :)

A beetle and even the iconic VW van!

In order to make the crashed versions, I'm thinking about making a little mould, casting them and then "destroying" them before they're dried completely. That should yield some interesting shapes :)


Barwench painted

Another one ready for flocking and varnish.


zondag 16 februari 2014

Meeting with Ilduvu of the Seven Mothers

Our party ran into Ilduvu for a decent showdown, undecided in the end. After the confrontation our heroes traveled to Corflu, only to find out Ilduvu arrived later the same day to prepare for a support mission on the Zola Fel.


maandag 30 december 2013

Journey to Pavis

Jacobus, Drayin, Hjotra and Gor are fed up with their life in Colymar, and decide to travel to Pavis in search of adventure and fortune. They travel to Swenstown, have a run in with a Lunar tax official, and manage to set up camp on top of the lair of a huge sand spider. They manage to struggle through, though, and end up en route to the Moonbroth Oasis.

vrijdag 6 december 2013

A good yield

The result of a few weeks...

It's been some time since I posted an update, I've fallen back into the old habit of painting many miniatures at once. Today, I varnished 34 Gloranthan miniatures for our Runequest games: roughly from left to right you can see...

3 nice barbarians, forgot where from

4 Talastaring hoplites in the colours of Daerius

A lunar priestess in the process of hosting a cult spirit

4 Dara Happan guards ( babylonians) to go with the L & L Dara Happan Captain

Fazzur Wideread (L & L) and the Imperial guard (Mad Knight)

Harem girls, bard, tavern wench, barman from Hasslefree

Name escapes me wise guy from L&L

8 big trolls from Madknight

All in all some wonderful stuff, I might fancy them up a bit more, but for now they're ready and well varnished!


zondag 10 november 2013

Chaos infestation!

Giomanach charging into the tunnel

Nice adventure yesterday with the party coming to the aid of the Quivini farmers. A chaos infestation has been discovered on the slopes of Quivini between Jonstown and Boldhome, and after a failed attempt by Daerius and his hoplites, the full party minus sick Herculon venture inside the cave complex. Sharkan gets attacked by a disease spirit, and has to be carried out. They disturb the broo band during excavation work, and have to run for their lives after the Broo shaman starts throwing around his vile magic and spirits.


woensdag 6 november 2013

Another repair session

Last RuneQuest game I managed to topple a complete box of water cave blocks while playing. The damage was considerable, but it speaks for our casting plaster's quality that I managed to repair all of the broken bits in one hour, including glueing stuff back together and painting / washing with various shades of gray. I must have used about 50 of them.

Work in progress


dinsdag 29 oktober 2013


Fazzur Wideread

Fazzur 'Bookworm' Wideread is the Lunar instated governor of Sartar, currently residing in Boldhome. He's a general from Tarsh, born to the Orindori clan, son to Vostor Blacktooth. He is a Yanafal Tarnils worshiper, and a member of the Scarlet Scimitars, a Yanafali sect striving to keep the blood pure. He was dismissed after a discussion with Sor Eel about how to handle Pavis in 1610, but was reinstated to suppress Kallyr Starbrow's revolt in 1613 and made Governor General of Sartar afterwards. He loves horses and hates Ducks.


zondag 13 oktober 2013

Trollkins and Trolls

The trollkin pack
I intended to no longer paint big batches of miniatures, but I started on a big bunch of Trollkin nonetheless, so I'll post an occasional update. First thing was the skin tone foundation and a light brush for some depth.
And the trolls. It's like a forum!
The trolls have been getting some much needed attention as well, here they are, skin tones done, metal done, and ready for a pass of leather.
All these mini's are from Mad Knight Casting, specialized in fine Gloranthan miniatures for skirmish and RPG.

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

RuneQuest Enemy Generator

Since several weeks Erkki (Skoll on the TDM forums) has been working on the RQ Enemy Generator.  It is becoming a brilliant tool for Gamemasters.  With a bit of help on the content and feedback from Hannu and your truly, the RQEG is becoming an essential piece of kit for the time-challenged GM.  Browse the index, select a setting, or search on race, culture, cult, or alignment, then generate your enemies.  You can generate one enemy, or twenty, or a party consisting of various different enemies, you name it.  The RQEG is constantly being improved, and its content is entered by the users.  You can maintain your own templates, or clone someone elses and make it your own, the flexibility is impressive.

Take a look at The RuneQuest Enemy Generator now!

zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Monster Island and Book of Quests

Shiny new goodies from The Design Mechanism! I have received the paper versions from these two much anticipated scenario books from Loz and Pete and several free lance writers that wrote adventure for Book of Quests. When my players glimpsed the books - just before I managed to take them out of sight - one of my players, who plays a sorcerer and who tends to be slightly overpowered against low and average opponents, much to my occassional but well hidden frustration, read the subtitle of Book of Quests.

Seven scenarios against the sorcerer. He assumed I purchased these scenario's to be able to counter him, and that he was the sorcerer mentioned. Seven scenarios against him! I saw him wondering whether he should be flattered for being so effective that I needed a special book to better my odds, or be annoyed that I had gotten a book just to get rid of him.

Evidently, I said nothing more, answered questions with more questions, and left him to stew for a few weeks :) I love being a GM, especially if you have good players who can take some abuse :D

New books!


zondag 22 september 2013

Ambush near Jonstown

Ilduvu surrounded, but too hard to get down

Another fine RQ evening yesterday, with the party liberating a group of prisoners destined for Pimper's block. When Giomanach's enemy Ilduvu shows up, the fight goes nasty, and the party needs every resource they possess, as well as the aid of the liberated prisoners, to save their sorcerer from being hacked to bits by the Griffin Shape nemesis.


dinsdag 17 september 2013

Some new goodies based...

Rackham Barbarians
Hasslefree Bar Dwellers

I'm working on the Mad Knight lot, it seems the trolls are gonna get done first, I don't know why, but I'm always painting them up first. A lot of variety in this range, you gotta love them, even though you can see the evolution, the earlier ones are a bit cruder, although full of detail, and the more recent mini's - I think they are - have a better finish, better proportions. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe there's two sculpters, love them all though. Meanwhile I based these lads up, I bought them at Salute earlier this year. With these based I have barely any lead left, although there is still a lot to paint that is based and even primed.


maandag 16 september 2013

The sound of industry

Left to right, trollkin, dara happans and imperials, trolls and broos, and some already painted trolls and adventurers
Slowly but surely I am getting back into the habit of spending a few hours working in the hobby room every week. I finished repairing the last batch, and giving them a good protective coating. I managed to start the new classification system in the rpg room, so I can find specific NPC's more easily. And I just finished whitewashing a bunch of miniatures, including trolls, trollkin, lunars, and a few broos. That way I can have my 30 minutes of painting every day, just pick up where I left off the day before, and slap on some paint.
Here they are in all their glory. The Mad Knight Imperials in particular look great, and I look forward to painting them a lot! Probably gonna be finished first, after the painted ones are ready, of course. With the Glorantha miniature kickstarter's lots of new miniatures coming up, I need to make some room before the end of the year!

zaterdag 14 september 2013

Never stand in a dinosaur's way.

Triceratops charging through the caravan

We started playing RuneQuest again yesterday, the story will appear on the Hiording Blog shortly. Alex, Anthony, Ben, Maxim and Urbain showed up for a session, they intended to escape The Ernaldori tula and head east. We're using RQ6, a sandbox adventure of my own, and some of the NPC's courtesy of Erkki's new Enemy Generator for RQ6, which turns out to be a great tool, albeit not completely finished.


donderdag 12 september 2013

Music soothes...

A few nice Lance and Laser Trollkin that like their music. I finished a dancer earlier, these are gonna be great for a bit of atmos when the party has to enter the stinking forest to negotiate...

Some musical trolls and the banner


dinsdag 10 september 2013

Workbench update

Some slightly modded Otherworld trolls.

A lot of stuff lying around screaming for attention. I order to get the blog moving again, I'll try to regularly update with some stuff I'm working on.

I use the Otherworld orcs as RQ dark trolls, some slight adaption of the snout is in order.


zondag 8 september 2013

Restart of our RuneQuest 6 campaign

Some nice primitives for Prax and Monster Island!

Business has been slow in my little hobby-den lately: a cold winter, making it rather unconfortable to sit there, was the first reason for decreased activity. The job requiring more effort, and a general increase in sports and training time, took care of the rest. Before you know it, you're at a standstill, too knackered after work, too tired after running, too cosy in your couch. The blog suffered as well, of course, what to tell if there is nothing to tell? With the campaign in Sartar relaunching, I'm hoping I can get some more regular painting sessions in. Work still is demanding, and with 4-5 training sessions a week there's not so very much time left. Still, with some planning it must be possible to have a session or two a week.

Here are some nice primitives I acquired at Salute in April, I finally came around to basing them up. The mimis are from Steve Barber Models. There's more stuff, which I hope to post up later this week, matter of getting some life back into the blog.