zondag 8 september 2013

Restart of our RuneQuest 6 campaign

Some nice primitives for Prax and Monster Island!

Business has been slow in my little hobby-den lately: a cold winter, making it rather unconfortable to sit there, was the first reason for decreased activity. The job requiring more effort, and a general increase in sports and training time, took care of the rest. Before you know it, you're at a standstill, too knackered after work, too tired after running, too cosy in your couch. The blog suffered as well, of course, what to tell if there is nothing to tell? With the campaign in Sartar relaunching, I'm hoping I can get some more regular painting sessions in. Work still is demanding, and with 4-5 training sessions a week there's not so very much time left. Still, with some planning it must be possible to have a session or two a week.

Here are some nice primitives I acquired at Salute in April, I finally came around to basing them up. The mimis are from Steve Barber Models. There's more stuff, which I hope to post up later this week, matter of getting some life back into the blog.


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