maandag 22 oktober 2012

Custom PC miniatures

My players like playing with miniatures: they need to have visual clues when roleplaying, and most of them also play miniature games like Warhammer and Malifaux.  They like to have miniatures fitting their character, and preferably both a mounted and unmounted version.  Now there are some manufacturers that offer a few of those, but nowhere near a full range.  It's even harder if you're not playing traditional medieval.  So often the only resource is modding.

One of my players' characters is a Riverfolk Noble, so we were looking for a mix between a gypsy, a mongol and a saracen, something along those lines :)  We found a Reaper rider that more or less looked the part, be it a bit modest, and a Reaper foot figure with a cape and scimitar, although he wore armor and a helmet, which he didn't want.

Decapitated the foot figure, prepared a head, and repositioned the lance arm on the rider

 So I took out the ole Dremel and my huge set of mini-lathes and drills, as well as a big blob of grey stuff, and I adapted the miniatures as requested.  Talk about spoiled players :)

Added the head to the footie, sculpted the scarf and headband, and sculpted the shoulder pads on the rider.  On the right the sword which teh rider will have holstered behind his saddle.

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Temple of Pavis in New Pavis - WIP

Made out of pu foam and porous tack
Here is the foam model of what is to become the Pavis temple in New Pavis. It's a bit underscale, if not it would become near to useless, but it'll evoke the new pavis feeling just fine, I'm sure. Next job is a brush paintcoat with thinned black acryl paint and a big brushing session to get the dirt brown look I want for the wall and the pink / brown look I want the pyramid to have.

zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Dark troll skeletons!

Here are the dark troll skeletons I painted this week:  painting these is a breeze, 80% drybrushing, and I finished all four in about 2 hours.  And they look fine for the game table...

Mad Knight Dark Troll Skeletons

More Mad Knight Dark Troll Skeletons

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Harrek and Friends

Well, technically they're not all friends, but here are a few personalities from the Lance and Laser series I finished this week.  I can only repeat that working 2 or 3 figures at a time is a way more productive way that trying to paint 40 at once.  It may seem like more efficient if you use one colour on 15 figures at once, but progress is too slow, and you get demotivated.  Way better to see one or  two miniatures finished after a good long session.
Harrek the Berserk and Gunda the Guilty

Ibex Moon Initiate and Yuthuppan Buseri

 Brian of the Volsaxi and Prince Argrath

dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

State of the workbench

The miniatures based and assembled!
After having worked through most of my remaining Lance And Laser RQ stuff, I have finished cleaning, assembling and basing most of my remaining Mad Knight miniatures. As soon as I have the room and time I'll spray the basecoat on, and I can start painting the miniatures.

The large left part - on the paper - is a lot of trolls and big broo, as well as four great troll skeletons. The right row, top to bottom: Red Mask assassins (6), imperial bodyguard (6) and little broo (6), with two female Humakti and a Humakti Cross on the right edge of the picture!

maandag 8 oktober 2012

And some Uzzzzz...

These are the Uz I have painted this week.  You can notice the different style between the two pictures, but it's no sweat, they're all good.  I'm working on yet another style of models, from Mad Knight Castings, but these are Otherworld - with slightly depigged noses - and Lance and Laser.  I'm still working on a rational for some female Uz having six breasts and other only two.  I think six is better, because more breasts > less breasts.
Lance & Laser Uz

Otherworld Uz, sold as D&D pig trolls

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

The rest of last weeks yield

Since a few weeks my production has gone up tremendously.  I have painted quite a lot of miniatures, about 2 per day, with simpler colours, but good enough for the game table...with hundreds of miniatures, one has to adopt a degree of practicalism, rather than taking 2 months to try and paint a unit of miniatures as well as possible.  Here is what I painted / or at least finished between wednesday and today.
Lance & Laser Aldryami

Nice Fire wizard, sold as L&L Minaryth Purple

Some simple mini's I got at Crisis 11: assassin and old man

A nice little goblin archer, I think it was Hasslefree

dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

A band of broo

Another batch of miniatures just about ready: these are a bunch of Lance and Laser broo I painted up recently.  still needs the final touches, but I prefer making pics first and playing with them a bit so I find every spot I forgot.  These were a lot of fun to paint, and I'm happy to say I'm in a good flow for painting, with 2 miniatures a day on average.

maandag 1 oktober 2012

New RuneQuest Miniatures

I've been quite busy during the last few weeks, we have been playing the overture of our RQ6 Pavis campaign, but I also found the time to paint or finish quite a few miniatures:
Mad Knight: Cannibal Victim, Witch and Harvesting Young Girl

Mad Knight: 2 Priests and a Witch

Mad Knight: Victim Scene but now with blood drinking chief

Mad Knight: Three Youngsters

Don't remember where from, but funny kids

Hasslefree: Kids with dog menacing old lady