dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Temple of Pavis in New Pavis - WIP

Made out of pu foam and porous tack
Here is the foam model of what is to become the Pavis temple in New Pavis. It's a bit underscale, if not it would become near to useless, but it'll evoke the new pavis feeling just fine, I'm sure. Next job is a brush paintcoat with thinned black acryl paint and a big brushing session to get the dirt brown look I want for the wall and the pink / brown look I want the pyramid to have.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That´s really good job! I might try that myself :) It sure gives the feeling of Pavis, even if it´s in smaller scale...

  2. Thanks! Feeling of Pavis is the idea! I'm also working on the Sun Dome temple and some other big buildings that can fill multiple roles, and then I start working on a set of smaller buildings, shops, inns, and residences that allow a variety of setups.

  3. Wow... you´re really going for it :) Sun Dome would be great to have. Our last game ended in the ruins of Old Sun Dome. This was years ago :) We are just planning to continue where we left the game. So maybe I´ll start building :D
    This time I´ll be using Rune Quest6 or Open Quest... Just have to convert the characters. Cheers!

  4. One I have something to showI'll put it up.