woensdag 29 juni 2011

The workbench

The downside to batch painting is that it looks as if you're not doing much.  I have a magnetic board with 30 odd miniatures on it, that I am painting in batch mode:  All the base colours are painted in series, and it isn't until the miniatures are almost finished that I start taking them aside one by one to finish up the highlights and washes, details and so on.  So here is the current board:
Leftish to right (picking out a few figs) you see Reapers Fafnir, Holay Warrior, Dara Happan, a dryad, an Esrolian, an Orlanth priest, a Merchant, The red emperor himself, a gang of Dragonewts, a Babeester Gori, a Healer, female Orlanthi, Vingan, a few I'm not sure about, then Jar Eel standing at the back, some Lunars, some Satyrs, a clan chief, King Broyan, and so on.  I have 3 more like this ready for painting, a total of about 130 new RuneQuest miniatures.
The next batches are more troop-y: a bunch of Lunars, Dara Happan, Yelmalians, clan militia, slingers, archers, villagers, nobles, and so on.

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Posh tavern base colors done

I still have to do some washing and some detailing, but this is more or less how the posh tavern (it's posh coz the drunks wear clothes) will look.  I'm quite happy with it, considering the painting took only a few hours.

zondag 19 juni 2011

Taverns and Inns WIP

 Here is some furniture for when I need an Inn in RuneQuest.  I finished all of it in one hour, assembling, pinning, base-coating by hand and a first dry brush, and already it's very much looking the part.  The two larger sitting barrels are Ral Partha from some discount bin at Crisis.
A second set is this lovely tavern.  Some wall pieces, 4 tables, one with drunk, and a bar, fireplace and door, it's all there.  I have based and brushed these in under one hour as well, no pain at all.  It's all drying as I write this, I intend to get some more color on there tomorrow.

Scotia have a lot of great stuff for RPG playing, and I have already some new stuff on the wishlist, including bedrolls and campfire for those nightly surprise attacks!

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Combat Action Tracker for MRQ II

After a bit of testing with a simple board, I went slightly overboard and constructed this impressive CA tracker: 16 PC's and NPC's have a Combat Action indicator, with an extra CA for dual wield or shield, a stun marker, and a parking space.  All the tags are magnetic, with whiteboard surface, and there's enough room on every label to write name, CA and SR post roll!

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Another club house update

 We finished the front wall of the sanitary booth.  The bar has been finished too, minus the plastic profiles.
 Christophe behind his painted bar.  This is only the first layer, but already it's looking sexy!
over half a day of work for Tim, to just clean up 1/3 of the wall: work you'll never know happened, but nonetheless very necessary!

maandag 6 juni 2011

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Alas, time for MRQ II char sheet v2.0

As so often when one meticulously crafts a nice character sheet, it isn't until you actually start generating characters for new players that you realize you completely forgot a melee skill table.  I took the opportunity to improve some other stuff as well, minor esthetic stuff mainly, but I also added a space to keep track of hero points, improvement rolls, heroic abilities, and spirits and matrixes / enchantments.

I created a dropbox account so I can put the stuff online.

Here is version 2 of the character sheet (same filename!)

Here is a character generator aid, mind you, it's very much limited to the Colymar, so no primitives, and not all professions are available.  IF you want the editable file in Open Office format, drop me a line.

donderdag 2 juni 2011

A new character sheet for our MRQ II campaign

In order to better accomodate our style of play, I made a new character sheet with 4 A4 sides, printed on a folded A3 sheet.  Just have to find a way to post it online somewhere in order to share it.