woensdag 29 juni 2011

The workbench

The downside to batch painting is that it looks as if you're not doing much.  I have a magnetic board with 30 odd miniatures on it, that I am painting in batch mode:  All the base colours are painted in series, and it isn't until the miniatures are almost finished that I start taking them aside one by one to finish up the highlights and washes, details and so on.  So here is the current board:
Leftish to right (picking out a few figs) you see Reapers Fafnir, Holay Warrior, Dara Happan, a dryad, an Esrolian, an Orlanth priest, a Merchant, The red emperor himself, a gang of Dragonewts, a Babeester Gori, a Healer, female Orlanthi, Vingan, a few I'm not sure about, then Jar Eel standing at the back, some Lunars, some Satyrs, a clan chief, King Broyan, and so on.  I have 3 more like this ready for painting, a total of about 130 new RuneQuest miniatures.
The next batches are more troop-y: a bunch of Lunars, Dara Happan, Yelmalians, clan militia, slingers, archers, villagers, nobles, and so on.

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