zondag 19 juni 2011

Taverns and Inns WIP

 Here is some furniture for when I need an Inn in RuneQuest.  I finished all of it in one hour, assembling, pinning, base-coating by hand and a first dry brush, and already it's very much looking the part.  The two larger sitting barrels are Ral Partha from some discount bin at Crisis.
A second set is this lovely tavern.  Some wall pieces, 4 tables, one with drunk, and a bar, fireplace and door, it's all there.  I have based and brushed these in under one hour as well, no pain at all.  It's all drying as I write this, I intend to get some more color on there tomorrow.

Scotia have a lot of great stuff for RPG playing, and I have already some new stuff on the wishlist, including bedrolls and campfire for those nightly surprise attacks!

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