zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Alas, time for MRQ II char sheet v2.0

As so often when one meticulously crafts a nice character sheet, it isn't until you actually start generating characters for new players that you realize you completely forgot a melee skill table.  I took the opportunity to improve some other stuff as well, minor esthetic stuff mainly, but I also added a space to keep track of hero points, improvement rolls, heroic abilities, and spirits and matrixes / enchantments.

I created a dropbox account so I can put the stuff online.

Here is version 2 of the character sheet (same filename!)

Here is a character generator aid, mind you, it's very much limited to the Colymar, so no primitives, and not all professions are available.  IF you want the editable file in Open Office format, drop me a line.

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