woensdag 21 november 2012

Test building for the Big Rubble

Made out of Hirst blocks
In parallel with making buildings for New Pavis, I'm also preparing a set of ruins for the Rubble. Or at least I intend to. Here's my first attempt, still a WIP,of a nice ruin in Manside. I'm gonna go for a mix of a few styles, ranging from egyptian to babylonian, I hope it'll look convincing. I'm gonna roughen this one up a bit, and then paint it and see what it looks like.


dinsdag 20 november 2012

Backing up Glorantha

Rejoice!  On November 18th, Rick Meints has launched the Guide to Glorantha / Argan Argar Atlas project on kickstarter, with a target of $36.500. 
Update: the project hit 75K! Go East! – We will super-detail Kralorela and Teshnos down to the small city level.
The Genertela overview map from the AAA.
There are several more stretchmarks, with additional areas that will be detailed, and who wouldn't want a fully detailed atlas?  So all you Gloranthaphiles, go join the horde, you know you want to!  I did, I am getting a nice hardcover GtG and the AAA, plus PDFs, so you can call me a happy bunny!  The tome is practically system-free, so will work for RQ/HQ or any other system you might want to use.  The artwork is inspired, in places it's downright brilliant, and it's gonna add so much flavor to the playing experience, I can hardly wait.

From the guide: The Lunars - By Jan Pospisil

zondag 18 november 2012

New Pavis update

Far from finished (The rubble is gonna be a particularly hard task :D) but here is an update with some hills I got at crisis, a few palm trees, and some of the buildings I am working on.  The Pavis temple is basecoated as well, I'm hoping to be able to finish some more stuff this week.  I am particularly happy with how the new buildings turned out.

dinsdag 6 november 2012

Palm tree bonanza

At Crisis, I bought a nice collection of basic palm trees in various sizes from minibits ( Pendraken ) and then I ran into a booth offering these palmtrees with a twist, completely painted, just needed to put a metal base underneath for stability. These will never make it on a desert table for historical games,but they look just the part for my Praxian oasises in RuneQuest, so I got both bags, a bit of basing and washing, and pronto!