maandag 25 april 2011

End of Easter holiday

I have had a week off during Easter, and although we took major advantage of the splendid weather, I did manage to base and prep a load of new miniatures for RuneQuest.  The collection includes a bunch of trolls and trollkin, some dragonewts on demibirds, a wyvern, a female giant, a gang of skeletons including some broo skeletons, a bunch of kids, an elderly couple, two bison riders from Prax, a Dara Happa patrol,Lunar guards , An Aldryami –or lunch, as the trolls would call it, the Hiording Huscarls, things that crawl, a big bunch of Glorantha personalities, a big bunch of Broos, some nice new adventurers, a Ralios Patrol, a Centaur patrol, Hiording slingers and archers.  Miniatures from a variety of companies, including Lance & Laser, Warlord, Otherworld, Ral Partha, Grenadier / Mirliton, Hasslefree, Fenryll, Black Tree and a few I forgot.