zondag 10 april 2011

Started working in the new HQ club house

It has been some time since the last upgrade, partially because I am working hard on my WW2 game to be presented at Crisis 2011, but also because I recently joined the HQ wargame club in Sint Niklaas.
They are open for business Friday and Saturday, and I have been playing several fun games there in the weeks since I joined, which I am trying to list here:
Roll through the ages (a civilization version of Yahtzee)

Bang (Western card game)

Dominant Species (Darwin revisited)

Big City (You could call it a boardgame of the Sim City computer game)

Pandemic (Coop game where you can save the earth or let it perish)

Our wargame club - I am an official member since last Friday - is moving to new premises sometimes soon, and this new place needs some serious work.  Here's our webmaster Bram hard at work putting up electricity for the bar area.  The bar itself is gonna be 5 meters long!

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