vrijdag 15 april 2011

Ready for Salute!

Just so I don't go on a manic shopping spree and buy all kind of stuff I still have lying around at home waiting to be painted, I have based and prepped (about) all of my Runequest miniatures still residing on the lead mountain.  Whenever I feel the urge to start buying more Babylonians, Romans, Athenians, Celts, Britons or Picts, I just take a look at this picture

I haven't started on the hundred or so orcs and goblins I still have waiting, nor the big giant, the trolls and other stuff, but I'm not gonna be buying any of those, I swear.

On the shopping list:

Pendraken preorder of WW2 US, British and German for D-DAY
KR preorder of a nice 10 mm vehicle case
Hasslefree preorder of SciFi Grimm

And looking for:
10 mm terrain, especially a few bridges, and some nice ruins
Some CoC bargains at the bring and buy if I'm lucky
CoC miniatures in 10 mm, although that would mean I'll have to sculpt things like the old ones myself...
Other cool SciFi stuff, maybe even a bit of terrain
Small chance, but I really really need the HQ baboons from Armorcast
Lots of ideas to make my gaming tables neater, cooler and amazing-er

5 AM tomorrow morning I'm off!

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