maandag 30 december 2013

Journey to Pavis

Jacobus, Drayin, Hjotra and Gor are fed up with their life in Colymar, and decide to travel to Pavis in search of adventure and fortune. They travel to Swenstown, have a run in with a Lunar tax official, and manage to set up camp on top of the lair of a huge sand spider. They manage to struggle through, though, and end up en route to the Moonbroth Oasis.

vrijdag 6 december 2013

A good yield

The result of a few weeks...

It's been some time since I posted an update, I've fallen back into the old habit of painting many miniatures at once. Today, I varnished 34 Gloranthan miniatures for our Runequest games: roughly from left to right you can see...

3 nice barbarians, forgot where from

4 Talastaring hoplites in the colours of Daerius

A lunar priestess in the process of hosting a cult spirit

4 Dara Happan guards ( babylonians) to go with the L & L Dara Happan Captain

Fazzur Wideread (L & L) and the Imperial guard (Mad Knight)

Harem girls, bard, tavern wench, barman from Hasslefree

Name escapes me wise guy from L&L

8 big trolls from Madknight

All in all some wonderful stuff, I might fancy them up a bit more, but for now they're ready and well varnished!