vrijdag 6 december 2013

A good yield

The result of a few weeks...

It's been some time since I posted an update, I've fallen back into the old habit of painting many miniatures at once. Today, I varnished 34 Gloranthan miniatures for our Runequest games: roughly from left to right you can see...

3 nice barbarians, forgot where from

4 Talastaring hoplites in the colours of Daerius

A lunar priestess in the process of hosting a cult spirit

4 Dara Happan guards ( babylonians) to go with the L & L Dara Happan Captain

Fazzur Wideread (L & L) and the Imperial guard (Mad Knight)

Harem girls, bard, tavern wench, barman from Hasslefree

Name escapes me wise guy from L&L

8 big trolls from Madknight

All in all some wonderful stuff, I might fancy them up a bit more, but for now they're ready and well varnished!


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