donderdag 27 december 2012

40K Armageddon

During a bit of DIY at our clubhouse I had a nice distraction with a bunch of members playing a big armageddon battle on a 6' x 8' table. Here are some pictures of the battle. Some amazingly painted miniatures on there, and others that were not so amazing.

woensdag 26 december 2012

First stage of Ingilli Warship

Still lots to do, but at least it's lying in the water
I started modification on a Revell Viking Drakkar for my Ingilli Warship that the Lunars have confiscated in Corflu. First stage was glueing the hull together and fixing the deck, and it got ugly immediately afterwards: Dremel through the entire hull lengthwise, without damaging the deck, but not more than 3 mm below. Add to that the tendency to stick back together after using the cutting disk, and it adds up to 15 minutes of stress. Still, it worked out fine, and I slapped a sheet underneath, slapped on half a bottle of slo-zap, a morokanth's weewee's length of green stuff, and it's hardening as I write this. Time for a Roll 20 upgrade session now...


zondag 23 december 2012

Trolls on a roll

Here are some specific Glorantha miniatures to be used with RuneQuest.  In a first time, the first three pictures will serve as a Troll trader, Gunt Leadfinger, a traveling merchant working in the Prax region, and his two very impressive bodyguards, current name Ben & Jerry.  These two specimens are the biggest, meanest great troll around, they have excellent equipment, and the vouch for the safety of Master Leadfinger.

Purple skinned, this fellow will not pas through any normal human size door, which is why Gunt handles all business outside.

Armor made out of scarab carapace, immaculately clothed, and bloodthirsty when not sleeping.

Gunt Leadfinger, Troll Merchant Extraordinaire.

A normal great troll.

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Some new miniatures for RQ

Adventurers or enemies?
 Nice new miniatures I finished in the last few days.  Some will serve as adventurers, others will serve other purposes.  These are Reaper mainly, could be a few other brands though.  The giant has been lying around for over a year now, I forgot where I got it from.
This giant has an anger issue, but so far no-one mentioned it to him

dinsdag 18 december 2012

Guide to Glorantha funded!

May 2013 is the set date. Seems like the world's not gonna end after all!
Here's Rick Meints final update to the kickstarter project after it concluded with 260K€ just now:

Jeff and I would like to thank everyone for helping make the Guide to Glorantha project an amazing success, and one that has exceeded all our expectations. We hoped to raise $50,000, dreamed of raising $100,000, and laughed at the prospect of any more than that.

After the Kickstarter ends, we'll be sending out the survey, we'll have time to work out all the add-ons, and all the other "admin" side of things as well.

We're overjoyed at the community of Gloranthans that has formed around this project. We sincerely see this as the start of something new, with many more great things to come.

As always, we thank you for your support.


maandag 17 december 2012

Morokanth Warrior finished

Warrior Morokanth in the Rubble
I have slapped some paint on my most recent sculpt, and it looks nice enough. I think I'm gonna make a few more, a trader with a notebook and a herder come to mind...

And from the right...


vrijdag 14 december 2012

Henrains Giant Helper

Nobody has seen it and survived, but if anyone would have, this is what an artists impression would most probably look like.
Rumour has it a power-hungry sorcerer has taken residence in the Puzzle Canal in the Rubble. We heard that this sorcerer deals in dark and powerful magicks. And that he has a Giant assistant, as well as a heap of small minions, hitherto undefined. To feed this giant, the sorcerers minions need to undertake regular cattle raids, why, they'll even capture humans to feed to the monster. Also, apparently, said giant is well armed and buffed, and a real challenge for any party, if they could find him. The nature of the sorcerers alliance with this giant is not known.



donderdag 13 december 2012

Do Morokanths have a weewee?

This one certainly does!
I think this Morokanth is finished, I'm gonna let it harden, basecoat, and then paint it up over the weekend before I start on the next one. This one, by the way, is a male Morokanth.

I know, I'm vulgar :) But Bif the Morokanth is happy!

zaterdag 8 december 2012

New terrain for Pavis and Corflu

The temple, partially finished
The Corflu pier, artist's impression...
The pier was designed by Ben and quickly painted today, the temple hall is the start of a modular system for representing rooms and corridors. Looks fine, but there's a lot of casting involved...


vrijdag 7 december 2012

First Morokanth sculptinisation

Here's Master Bif, Morokanth Warrior and gourmet extraordinaire
Hard to find a miniature Morokanth for the Glorantha universe, so I am having a go at sculpting one myself. The body shape is getting there, it just needs a bit more flab on the arse. I quite like the pose, lunging with the short spear, it is gonna be used for RPG after all, so a bit of violent appearance is always good.

I'm giving it a wicker shield with a nasty pin, still thinking whether they'll be prudish enough to wear some kind of loincloth, or if they'd rather walk around tackle out, swinging freely in the Prax morning air. Other bits of must have equipment: a chain for the herdmen, some pack, and animistic tidbits like skull, some boney things, or bird feathers maybe.

Now that's a hairy back! Rawr!
Last but not least a funny looking helmet may finish it off, but maybe that's just too much...

Hairy tummy, pair of ears, and a slade Neckcarpet: we're on track!

Another update: face mostly done

maandag 3 december 2012

Custom PC finished: Raiko Ingilli

Raiko Ingilli, Zola Fel initiate.
Alexander needed a riverfolk noble with a scimitar. As reported in a previous thread, I converted two miniatures to have a foot and mounted version. Here it is painted up.


zondag 2 december 2012

New RQ scenario

Somewhere along the Zola Fel
Mornik's gang attack the camp
For the last few weeks we have been playing some very enjoyable scenarios located in Prax. The party has been clearing out chaos, has been sucked into a heroquest and aided Orlanth in capturing Daga. The full stories will appear on the Hiording blog shortly. This blog has been retitled to 'A Colymari in Corflu' to stay in the mood.