vrijdag 7 december 2012

First Morokanth sculptinisation

Here's Master Bif, Morokanth Warrior and gourmet extraordinaire
Hard to find a miniature Morokanth for the Glorantha universe, so I am having a go at sculpting one myself. The body shape is getting there, it just needs a bit more flab on the arse. I quite like the pose, lunging with the short spear, it is gonna be used for RPG after all, so a bit of violent appearance is always good.

I'm giving it a wicker shield with a nasty pin, still thinking whether they'll be prudish enough to wear some kind of loincloth, or if they'd rather walk around tackle out, swinging freely in the Prax morning air. Other bits of must have equipment: a chain for the herdmen, some pack, and animistic tidbits like skull, some boney things, or bird feathers maybe.

Now that's a hairy back! Rawr!
Last but not least a funny looking helmet may finish it off, but maybe that's just too much...

Hairy tummy, pair of ears, and a slade Neckcarpet: we're on track!

Another update: face mostly done

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks good so far!

    I did some Morokanth myself. Mostly conversions but some home sculpts too:



  2. Indeed, Richard, I saw your thread a few days ago, was a sourcs of inspiration! Thanks for the approval, my Morokanth does have a fat behind, it started out svelte, but I have added greenstuff once too often, and it got fat. Kinda like me, I guess ;)

  3. No way. It's not greenstuff in your case...

  4. You think it could have something to do with this Pizza thing I keep hearing about?