woensdag 26 december 2012

First stage of Ingilli Warship

Still lots to do, but at least it's lying in the water
I started modification on a Revell Viking Drakkar for my Ingilli Warship that the Lunars have confiscated in Corflu. First stage was glueing the hull together and fixing the deck, and it got ugly immediately afterwards: Dremel through the entire hull lengthwise, without damaging the deck, but not more than 3 mm below. Add to that the tendency to stick back together after using the cutting disk, and it adds up to 15 minutes of stress. Still, it worked out fine, and I slapped a sheet underneath, slapped on half a bottle of slo-zap, a morokanth's weewee's length of green stuff, and it's hardening as I write this. Time for a Roll 20 upgrade session now...


1 opmerking:

  1. Looks like an interesting project Rudy.
    I will take a look at it, when finished, in the clubhouse.
    Succes with it!