zondag 23 december 2012

Trolls on a roll

Here are some specific Glorantha miniatures to be used with RuneQuest.  In a first time, the first three pictures will serve as a Troll trader, Gunt Leadfinger, a traveling merchant working in the Prax region, and his two very impressive bodyguards, current name Ben & Jerry.  These two specimens are the biggest, meanest great troll around, they have excellent equipment, and the vouch for the safety of Master Leadfinger.

Purple skinned, this fellow will not pas through any normal human size door, which is why Gunt handles all business outside.

Armor made out of scarab carapace, immaculately clothed, and bloodthirsty when not sleeping.

Gunt Leadfinger, Troll Merchant Extraordinaire.

A normal great troll.

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