maandag 22 oktober 2012

Custom PC miniatures

My players like playing with miniatures: they need to have visual clues when roleplaying, and most of them also play miniature games like Warhammer and Malifaux.  They like to have miniatures fitting their character, and preferably both a mounted and unmounted version.  Now there are some manufacturers that offer a few of those, but nowhere near a full range.  It's even harder if you're not playing traditional medieval.  So often the only resource is modding.

One of my players' characters is a Riverfolk Noble, so we were looking for a mix between a gypsy, a mongol and a saracen, something along those lines :)  We found a Reaper rider that more or less looked the part, be it a bit modest, and a Reaper foot figure with a cape and scimitar, although he wore armor and a helmet, which he didn't want.

Decapitated the foot figure, prepared a head, and repositioned the lance arm on the rider

 So I took out the ole Dremel and my huge set of mini-lathes and drills, as well as a big blob of grey stuff, and I adapted the miniatures as requested.  Talk about spoiled players :)

Added the head to the footie, sculpted the scarf and headband, and sculpted the shoulder pads on the rider.  On the right the sword which teh rider will have holstered behind his saddle.

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