zondag 31 juli 2011

RuneQuest Session

The end of demo #3.  Where our not so hirsute adventurers manage to run over one of their own with a four-wheeled cart, where clumsy adventurers break their teeth trying to get out of a chariot, and where adversaries are grilled 'a point'.
Odd, Blanka, Gunnar, Ulic, Hjorda and Aelwin in traffic.

The duck caves entrance BBQ
The mystic powers of Ulic the not quite so arcane have foiled the evil but cunning plan of the Ducks, and all hell breaks loose.  The party quickly dispatches the clumsy ducks, and their self confidence has gotten a significant boost, setting them up rightly for the next scenario where they will confront Urgh the Impregnator, the chaotic overlord of Broos and evilness.  Pucker up, boys and girls!

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