zondag 5 augustus 2012

Pavis style buildings

As the start of our Pavis campaign approaches, things start getting hectic. I made an inventory of my Glorantha Miniatures Pipeline. About 100 unprepped/semiprepped miniatures, 100 more prepped and based miniatures, and about 150 in various stages of progress. About 20 are more or less finished, but need that last bit of TLC, mostly a coat of dull varnish.

Another important part is terrain. We have been diligently casting hirst, and I hope to finish quite a bit of caves and caverns by next weekend, but we also need Pavis style buildings, including the test building on the picture here, but also temples, clan houses, all in a style somewhere in the middle of ancient greece, egypt, and Conan's Cimmeria.

A third project that is underway, is our Pavis campaign wiki, introducing Pavis, Prax, the protagonists, player characters, and a lot more. For copyright reasons, we decided to keep this wiki private, so we can share maps and snippets of pdf between players, but once the PC descriptions are finished, I'll post these on the hiording blog and tdm.

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