maandag 6 augustus 2012

Pavis building test & more

The house of Ofnow Konsekwenz in Pavis
Here is how the first building turned out.  Not too shabby, but there are some things I'll be taking along for the next version: I want a roof terrace, so the outer wall must be higher, I need a height difference of 15 mm, minus 3 from the foamboard leaves 12, that's a nice balustrade.  Then I can make a hole in the roof and mount a little hirst trapdoor in.  Simple and good looking.
The door was made from a sheet of balsa, engraved with a byro and an exacto knife.  The windows are mosquito net, brushed brown and glued between the two walls.  Bottom plate in foamboard, white glue, fish tank sand.
This nice wyrm was painted, start to finish, in under one hour.  The basecoat, subsequent base red and a nice white brush started of the figure really well, after that it was just a bit of detaling and a pinch of flock.  Very happy with it, and I just know that if I keep going at it, it might get better, but not a lot.

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