vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Army of Tarsh

I started work on the Army of Tarsh in 10mm, using the HOTT ruleset.
I ordered a first batch of 10 mm mini's from Pendraken to build a few test units.  I started by gluing them on a piece of wood, then primered them in skeleton bone colour.
After that I started painting them in light colours, taking care to make repeat movements and not leaving anything unpainted.  I then liberally washed them using the new vallejo washes - colour burnt umber.  The results definitely will do the trick on the tabletop.

Here are the units to be made and the types:
Kings Own Lancers - Cataphracts - Knights
Phargentites - Cataphracts - Knights
Yarandros Chargers - Cataphracts - Knights
Quintus Valemen - Highlanders - Warband
Kingslayers -  Huscarls -  Blades
Tarsh Heavy Foot  - Huscarls -  Blades
Furthest Cavalry -  Lancers -  Riders
Furthest Horsewomen  -  Lancers -  Riders
Retvetites - Lancers -  Riders
Moirades Philosophers - Mounted Priests -  Magicians
Glory Spears -  Phalangites - Riders
1st Furthest Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
2nd Furthest Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Bagnot Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Dunstop Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Gardint Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Goldedge Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Pennith Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Slavewall Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Talfort Foot - Shieldwall - Spears
Bovakite Light Foot - Skirmishers - Shooters
Green Bows Female - Skirmishers - Shooters
Green Bows Male - Skirmishers - Shooters
Tarshite Light Foot - Skirmishers - Shooters
Reachites - Warrior Priests - Magicians

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