woensdag 25 mei 2011

MRQ2 / Glorantha 3rd age Demo PC's

Here are the four characters I prepared for the demo game Friday night at the club house.  I painted them over the last week, they need a bit of touching up here and there, but look allright nevertheless.
The first one is Adaken of the Hiording, a Scholar from the Angarorl household, acolyte of the Lhankor Mhy guild, looking for the egg of a scorpion man.  He's an experienced magician with some healing skill.
This ginger lass is Grimhildir, the daughter of a Hiording Huscarl and champion of the Colymar.  She's a tough fighter and Acolyte of Vinga, with some potent healing spells.  She is trained to fight in pairs.
Grimolf is the son of hunters from the Jarnolf bloodline.  He is a good fighter, with excellent survival skills, and a good tactician.  He is a young barbarian, aged 25.
Eyildir is another Vinga maiden, age 21, initiate to the cult, and a professioinal mercenary who used to work as a bodyguard to a Tarsh trader.  She has seen most of Dragon Pass.  She has been trained in fighting as a pair and has some notion of tactics.

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