zondag 25 september 2011

Defiled by chaos!

Blanka, Odd, Ranath 'the not yet quite so wise' went off to micturate, and A'ido.  Teun is spectating
After surviving yet another botched up assassination attempt, what is left of the party after the disappearance of Gunnar and Ulic shortly after the passage of a Uleria priestess groups up with local A'ido to clear out a chaos infection nearby.  Sages meleeing with ferocious scorpion men, I thought I'd never see the day, but no-one else was up for the challenge, and I think I will grant him an extra hero point after all for such courage.  At one point he even went as far as protecting the warrior, a case of self sacrifice that is rare with Colymar tribe members, and probably the reason the Colymar yielded to Lunar where the Lismelder did not.

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