donderdag 21 juni 2012

Tusk Riders Bonanza!

It has been quite a bit of time since the last update that actually showed off any work.  There are several reasons for this, none of them interesting.    Suffices to say, I've sprung back in action. 
I have changed my mode of operation a bit as well: instead of blanket painting 30 figures at once, a bad habit I picked up back when painting ancient armies, I now prep a batch, and then choose one or two which I finish, before starting on anything new.  I hope to achieve a steadier output of miniatures, rather than a batch of 25 miniatures every 6 weeks.
The miniatures here are milestones in more than one respect: They are part of the last big batch - these have been on my desk for months - and they also are the first photographed with the new SLR and processed in lightroom - check out the cool watermark, looking all pro! - and I hope to up the bar with my new gear: better pictures, and because of that, better painting, because I have to now :)
I made these pictures with the miniatures in my slightly adapted softbox.  Camera on a tripod, adapted white balance, no flash.  It's a first attempt, and I may still change mode of operation, using flash and reflection.  These particular pictures have been made using a Pentax Macro lens.  Stopped down to f:16 for good sharpness and a bit of background impression.  Shutter 0,4".
I have used a bunch of GW orcs on boars, painted in an unorthodox manner, to represent tusk riders - for which I have found no miniatures.  Maybe Mad Knight casting will make some one day, but until then, these will do the trick.  They look a bit rough and brutal, but I can live with that.
The tusk rider above is the leader of the pack.  Like the rest of them, the rider can be removed, using a strong small magnet.  There is one rider that is fixed, it's full plastic, the other riders are metal figures.

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  1. Excellent photographing!
    You really must give me some hints on it when we meet next time at the club.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Wim. Just tell me when and we can do some tests!