zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Casting session

For our first whole day casting session we decided to make a bit of everything
The blog has been quiet the last few weeks, the reason for that is a mix of too much work, the temporary pause playing RuneQuest waiting for RQ6 (and Moon Designs Pavis, which I received last week), and the fact that the weather has remained so chilly: I really prefer sitting in my hobby room without the heater blowing, and when it's so cold I can't: I just have to heat it.  As a consequence I find I head down less often.  Still, I am still painting now and again, currently working on a set of Tusk Riders, a nice collection of zombies, and I also have a bunch of NPCs that I need to finish off, just some basing and finishing touches and we're good to go.

Funnily enough, two months ago I finally bit the bullet and decided to go and buy the SLR I have been wanting for so long now.  I invested in some decent lenses as well, and theoretically I am now able to make way better pictures than before.  But setting stuff up now takes longer, making it a more formal occasion: set up the flash and umbrella, set up the scene, tripod, linear rail and 1:2 macro lens.  So far I haven't really made pictures of my modelling, but I intend to soon™.

Once work settles down a little, I'll make a bit of effort on documenting the new photography tools.

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