dinsdag 15 mei 2012

First pic with the new camera

K-5 w Pentax-M 100mm f4 macro

As mentioned some time ago, I have gotten around to purchasing some new gear.  Just for reference, I post the first picture, of a half finished savage orc boar rider, which will be used as a RuneQuest Tusk Rider.
Having new gear is – of course – nice and dandy, but boy is this thing sharp:  for the above image I have to set up the camera at about 50 cm from the model.  The depth of field is only a few millimeters deep at full open, and even at f8 it’s still not enough to get the entire miniature sharp.  Massive control, and so very sharp, there’s no way I’m gonna pretend any skill at painting after this, every error, no matter how tiny, will be revealed with this setup!
The camera is a Pentax K-5, the lens is a 100mm f4 macro lens from 25 years ago, with excellent sharpness and contrast.  The picture above is without any lighting setup, just a small tripod and 2 second trigger to avoid shaking.

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