dinsdag 4 september 2012

Artist impression of Pairing Stones

Here is a digital impression for my adventure this weekend:

Outside of New Pavis, the most mythically important regional holy place for Sartarites is the Pairing Stones. This remarkable pair of menhirs is located on a rocky bluff about 60 miles northwest of Pavis. One is pale blue and the other is pale brown. Both are some 25 feet high and tilt slightly towards on another. Here it is easy to contact Orlanth; one of the sons of Orlanth was wed at this place and, after he died the final time, was burned and apotheosized. Many traditionalist Sartarite clans perform secret ceremonies here such as initiation and heroquests. The Pairing Stones are currently under the control of the powerful Bullford Clan and their Storm Voice Farangar Horseteeth.

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