vrijdag 7 september 2012

Loz Whitaker on TDM: Glorantha soon(er)!

Here's what Loz posted on the TDM forum concerning the Glorantha development roadmap:

Concerning our plans for Glorantha.

Its clear people want us to do something. It was the question most asked of me at Gencon, and so we are accelerating our plans a little (a LITTLE, I hasten to add). The likelihood of Gloranthan publications will be something like this:

RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha (yes, it steals, shamelessly, the title of the never-published RQIV, but it has to be done). This will be a general introduction to the lozenge plus all the rules tweaks and chargen tweaks needed to play in Glorantha. And it will be 3rd Age.

Stat Packs: Probably free PDFs to accompany Moon Design's releases such as Sartar, Pavis and Harrek. Before we can release these, we need RQ:AiG.

Setting: We'll be taking a region of Glorantha and developing the bejesus out of it. Yes, we know which area. Its all agreed with Moon Design and its one Pete and I love to bits.

Scenarios: To support the Setting. Additional scenarios, expansions, and so on. Some will be free PDFs, some will be full books.

With the setting we want to recreate that RQ2 'Borderlands' or 'Pavis' feel: s place that RQ Glorantha players feel is theirs, and detailed enough to capture the imagination, but not so detailed as to deter newcomers. Which is why the region we've been given is so perfect and exciting.

I won't say more than the above until we're in a position to offer some more concrete details. But this gives you an idea of what we have planned.

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