zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Introducing Blogsy

I have purchased my first iPad 2 shortly after launch. Nowadays, I am a dedicated iPad user and I own a iPad3 which I have on my lap most of my free time: it is a great tool for chatting, browsing, reading fori, looking to pictures or listen to music. However, the one thing (there might be others) the iPad sucked at completely was blogging.

Theoretically, it should be a great tool for blogging. But it just wasn't, for lack of decent application. So far, I downloaded every blogging tool out there, but most didnot dothe job properly. The blogger app itself is the only one remotely working, if you know your way around html.

This is my first post using blogsy. The interface looks very promising, I hope the app lives up to it. At least you don't need to write html! The formatting options look first class, up to par with the blogger flash app.


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