dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Quick and dirty miniature pictures

Pentax K-5, Pentax 100 mm f:4 macro lens
Here's the setup I use to be able to make a decent picture of a miniature within 3 minutes, 2 of which as needed for setting up and breaking up.

  • DSLR on a tripod, which is standing ready, height adjusted, on top of my cabinet
  • Macro 1:2 lens for close range, with manual focus
  • Lightbox in foamboard with flocked baseplate and nice pic for background (these are changeable, just have the one background / baseplate at the moment though
  • Focusing with 10x liveview for perfect sharpness
  • White balance set to tungsten to compensate for cheap ass office yellow light
  • Develop in lightroom, crop and watermark and voila!

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