maandag 2 januari 2012

Baboon raid near Wilmskirk

The Stead on the road to Boldhome
On the road from Quackford to Boldhome, our heroes pass through a small Stead, which seems to be deserted, apart from a herder with some sheep and one cow.  the lone herder is mistrustful when the party approaches, but after some talking the truth comes out: a gang of robbers has been systematically raiding the Stead, stealing all but one cows, and the few warriors of the Stead have left in pursuit of the robber gang.  The party has arrived at the exact moment a gang of baboons is attempting a raid on the weakened Stead, and they decide to take up the defense.  After a drawn out fight, our adventurers get the best of the baboons, and save the day.

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