zondag 29 januari 2012

Mould line bonanza

I use grey magic sculp, try to find out where!
I have been looking for good fantasy zombies for quite a while, without much luck, but I never thought of GW, so when I kinda bumped into the vampire count range, I thought 'hey, why not, let's order those'.  I received the box through the local store, and took them home.  The box has 8 sprues, but only 2 different ones, making the choice rather limited, but since I'll be making 10 zombies at the most, that's not too bad.  However, I was quite disappointed with the general quality of the miniatures.  Most arms fit onto the bodies rather poorly, and I spend several hours glueing 5 zombies up, with all the mould line removing, arm pit correction, and shoulder stump reduction that was necessary.  I mixed up a little blob of magic sculp five or six times, in order to make the limb - torso connection a bit more believable. 

When I buy a box like this, which is nowhere near a new design, I expect the models to have matured: sprues with little errors, well fitting limbs and heads (the heads went on rather well in most cases), and a minimum of plastical surgery.  In reality, I felt like a sculptor at times, taking off lots of meat on places, adding putty in several spots, and generally correcting what I can only describe as poor quality miniatures.  I'm very happy these are zombies, so I can get away with the brutal detail, the hands the size of a head, and the irregularly shaped limbs.  But on the whole it's rather disappointing.  Even more so when I found out only one day later that Mantic does zombies as well, with lots more variety, and they sell small boxes.  And they are cheaper.  Still, I've got these now, and with a bit more corrective sculpting when the set is glued, I'll get them to look like a group of half decent, out of proportion zombie monsters!

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  1. Mantic is one of the names I keep hearing about when the zombie miniature theme is brought up. These are indeed old old old zombies. another one that has some classic style sculpts is Otherworld but they are fairly expensive as they are not designed as troop and rank.

  2. To make things worse, I just found out my son had 8 of these lying around, all glued up, from the bring and buy at the latest crisis. That's 30 € spent without having to. Oh well, I now have 13 zombies ready, more than I need, and I'll just have to sell what is left at the next bring and buy. Someone is going to get 15 zombies for 10€.