zondag 22 januari 2012

Some Call of Cthulhu stuff

Leng Spider base, homemade
 I started making a nice big base for my Leng spider.  Used some broken hirst bit, lots of wood glue, and sand and rubble, completed with some bottles and a barrel and a earth cult shield.  Time to basecoat, then paint and add some spider web goo.
Expedition to the outback, RAFM.
I also started painting the outback expedition vehicle.  This is just some rough coating and washing, getting ready for the fine work, but I've sadly enough been starting so much stuff lately, it's hard to finish stuff, and my desk is full-fuller-fullest again.  I have got to finish some stuff pronto, but as it stands I'm also working on a new Open Office Chargen macro, using csv files for the data so that I can simply add races, spells and weapons as needed.  So between painting lots of RuneQuest stuff, the better half of the RAFM Call of Cthulhu range, and this software project that turns out to be just that little bit more complicated at every corner, it's hard to find time for preparing adventures, reading, or just doing good old research.  It's like juggling.

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