donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Finished some RuneQuest miniatures

The holidays have started, and I since we are not going abroad I am having a lot of free time that I can spend on clearing some of the waiting projects on my workbench.  Today I finished a part of the Lance and Laser (mainly) miniatures I have been painting for RuneQuest.  One thing I learned is that painting several miniatures at once is a good thing, but doing batches of 50 numbs the brain.  I finally got through these, and I can now start on the other 90 or so I have still lined up for RQ.  But I'll be doing those in smaller batches, 8 to 10 at most, in order not to make it a drag.
Here's a healthy grizzly that's about to be disturbed by a non-suspecting party member.
Two dragonewt demibird riders on patrol.
A dragonewt patrol with some beaked and some crested dragonewts.
An Orlanth Rune Priest casting a spell.  It looks like lightning :-)
Babeester Gor Maider taking issue.  Blood is going to flow.
This is a Reaper miniature of Fhafrd, but I think he will do sterling service as the personal bodyguard of Kangharl.

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