maandag 15 augustus 2011

Still no barfight!

A fellow might lose his spirit over it: I set up a nice bar, with lots of barbarians from other tribes, most of them not best friends.  I even throw in a few Storm Bull cultists on a stag night, and a small gang of cave troll on a mercantile mission.  I make a wonderful bar playing area, put all the sweet scotia furniture in, and get my NPC's to call the adventurers names, insult their mums, and otherwise offend them, and the party refuses all cause for fighting and decides to be wise and civil about it.  It would have been much more convincing had they not started fighting amongst themselves later during the session, however.  Another nice session of RuneQuest last night, with some second thoughts about a certain lack of cooperation.  Lots of muscle, but not enough out of the box thinking, that's my diagnosis.  In the end the party, still a flock of unexperienced adventurers, decided to travel to Snake Pipe Hollow and get rich quick.  Hey, if it was so simple, everyone'd be doing it!  The scenario ended with our brave barbarians being under attack from a small gang of Tusk Riders.  Bad news!

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