dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Working on the Grey Dog Inn

I'm a firm proponent of visual clues when Role Playing.  The player's imagination can and must be stimulated, but I prefer to have control over the look of the scenes I tell about.  Then the player can use his imagination on just about everything else in the story.  I just like to have a common starting point for my story, so I make a few houses and other buildings, and in this case I am working on the interior of what I believe will become a key building in my campaign: the Grey Dog Inn.
To be honest, what I am working on is more like a common denominator room interior with lots of room for customization: for the Grey Dog Inn I am preparing a private room and a staircase, as well as a cellar.  In other cases, this may become a library hall, or a brothel, or even a king's hall.  I made the thing from a 20 mm thick piece of green isolation board, which I carved in with a blunt pencil and lots of round and square  objects to create the 3D feel.  I then rpimed in black, and brushed up to medium grey in 3 or 4 thin leyers.  The result is fine: leightweight and sturdy, and looking real good for something that took 2 x 30 minutes.  Then I cut 3 mm foamboard to size to make the walls, glued with contact glue, and used wide masking tape to finish things off quickly: another hour.  I already had a lot of furniture ready, here is one set-up I have been trying.  I'll be making the top floor and cellar as well, already ordered lovely little beds from scotia grendel!

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