zondag 14 augustus 2011

HQ marathon

Gamers are a weird breed, and the ones at HQ even more so.  Someone came up with the idea of organizing a 24 hour non-stop gaming session, and behold, a small dozen of gaming geeks responded to the call.  From 9 AM, our gamers played a succession of boardgames, and we went over to support such brave behaviour, although we had no intention of doing a 24 hour tour ourselves.
Still fresh and in high spirits, after a mere 7 hours of gaming everyone is still looking fresh and crispy.
A rules dispute? Grognard alert?  Or are they just posing for the photo?
My kids love games, and they did not want to miss this, so by noon we were participating.  Mind you, my daughter, aged 7, I escorted back home by 6 pm, but my son stayed and played a scenario of RuneQuest with us until well after 2 AM the next day, at which time I had to break the scenario off in the middle of a fight, much to the dismay of said son, who would not have objected to staying until 9 AM like the rest of the gamers.  That would have put me in a difficult domestic dillemma, however, so I ruled against it.

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